RJ Russo is leading the specialty contracting industry with innovative factory-built buildings. These revolutionary modular structures, constructed of steel, operate beyond the limits of how business is done. And, while innovation comes in many forms, RJ Russo continues to drive success in Arizona’s manufacturing realm. Our approach? Stay ahead of industry best practices and technological developments in the manufacturing industry.

When you choose a factory-built building made by the team at RJ Russo, you’re choosing The RJ Russo Difference. That means: 

Time Effectiveness – 80% – 90% of the construction is completed inside of our on-site factory, mitigating the risk of weather delays and allowing projects to be completed in half the time of traditional construction.

Sustainability – By utilizing steel and other sustainable products, we’ve made ourselves a leader in the environmentally-conscious world of specialty contracting. The materials used by RJ Russo address multiple issues in the industry while contributing to an eco-friendlier world.

Quality – RJ Russo utilizes state-of-the-art facilities that integrate best practices in design and workflow. Our modular buildings are required to meet the same building codes as traditional construction and are built by full-time trained and certified contractors.

Flexibility – Steel modular designs are a groundbreaking product made by RJ Russo. Custom kitchens, drive-thru establishments, housing developments, and more are able to relocate on a dime while maintaining durability. We can also provide cosmetic packages that will meet zoning requirements, complete with awnings and parapets!

Longevity – Simply put, a factory-built building from RJ Russo is a long-lasting investment. Ideal for both temporary and permanent applications that will meet the requirements of any industry, our buildings can provide tax advantages, too.

Cost-effectiveness – Because the construction of modular buildings can occur simultaneously with the site and foundation work, projects are more cost-effective than traditional construction. Our clients also save money on obtaining the requisite municipal regulatory permits because their duties are reduced to preparing the site pad and having utilities stubbed to the building.

Risk reduction – The indoor construction environment used to erect our modular structures reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers. We also have zero weather delays in construction thanks to our indoor facility.

CustomizationRJ Russo is dedicated to providing high-quality, advanced products to help raise the bar and provide unsurpassed satisfaction. Our units can be ordered with or without floors for maximum flexibility and a more traditional on-grade application, plus so much more.

Rethink Your Operations with Factory-Built Buildings from RJ Russo

Factory-built buildings are the wave of the future. Between the minimal envelope and outstanding quality, the structures themselves help you save time and reduce costs while requiring limited site impact. Rethink your operation’s potential with a customizable factory-built building from RJ Russo today. Interested in The RJ Russo Difference? Contact us today for more information.