This project is the second of the multi-location partnership RJ Russo is delighted to have forged with EōS Fitness exercise club chain. We are happy to have been a part of another successful collaboration with such a stellar company that operates in multiple states throughout the west coast. Known for having better gyms at a better price, the rapidly expanding EōS Fitness takes great pride in providing their clients with state-of-the-art equipment and premium amenities.

RJ Russo is proud to have offered our specialty contracting services at one of EōS Fitness’ newest locations at 5860 W. Thunderbird Rd. in Glendale, Arizona. For the EōS Fitness Glendale Tenant Improvement Project, RJ Russo partnered with general contractor Fairbanks Contracting & Development. This particular project started in September of 2019 and completed on time in February of 2020.

The goal was to seamlessly offer the structural integrity and contemporary design that has become synonymous with EōS Fitness gyms. RJ Russo produced the mechanical and structural systems that comply with building safety codes and ADA standards including implementing the structural support for: all door openings, steel short wall supports, and basketball backboards.

RJ Russo also installed multiple RTU roof cut-outs, cold-rolled steel safety fencing in front of windows, as well as numerous hand railings and corner guards throughout the facility. We were happy to assist EōS Fitness with creating the strength and durability needed to provide their clients with a gym that is structurally safe and sound, not to mention visually appealing, for which they are well-known.