Paradise Valley, AZ has a unique history that required an equally special look when planning updates to its Town Hall, located at 6401 W Lincoln Dr. in Paradise Valley Arizona.
In the late 1950s when the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale were looking to expand their respective boundaries, residents living in Paradise Valley feared that that they would lose the rural lifestyle that they loved and valued as they were inevitably swallowed up by one of the two larger cities. These concerned residents formed a “Citizens Committee for the Incorporation of The Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona” and set out with petitions urging like-minded residents to join them as they attempted to incorporate Paradise Valley, with their main goals being to keep the area entirely residential and to minimize government regulations.

In April of 1961, the Citizen’s Committee presented their petition to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and on May 24, 1961 that petition was granted and the town of Paradise Valley was established.
RJ Russo is proud to be a part of this Paradise Valley’s history in collaboration with Core Construction by fabricating a custom stainless-steel decorative awning at the main entrance of the Town Hall, welcoming visitors with an attractive, distinctive, and functional piece of steelwork.