RJ Russo was pleased to design, fabricate and install a new safety railing system that fit within the city of Scottsdale’s repair budget for Scottsdale Stadium, home of the San Francisco Giants. 550 linear feet of custom, anodized aluminum replaced the old, rusted steel, failing railing. The new railing system included a specialized structural clamping system to attach the railings to the concrete, designed to be able to expand and retract in reaction to Arizona’s extreme temperatures, able to withstand surface temperatures of 15-200 degrees Fahrenheit.

RJ Russo is pleased to support The San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Stadium annually with the design and installation of a 6,000-square foot temporary structure. This beautiful glass and aluminum structure is air-conditioned and provides gym and dining space for the San Francisco giant team members while in residence during spring training. Stop by the stadium in February to catch a game and check out our work!!