Durango Fueling & Carwash Facility

In collaboration with Arrington Watkins Architects, Dibble Engineering, and Caliente Construction Inc., RJ Russo helped complete the Durango Fueling & Car Wash Facility. Located at 27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye in Phoenix, Arizona, this unique fabricated building supports the needs of Maricopa County by serving as both a car wash and fueling station for transportation vehicles…. Read More

Modular Fire Pump House

In collaboration with Danson Construction, we supported Aero Sprinkler in delivering a modular building, which is to be used for housing a new fire system pump for the Toyota Manufacturing Facility in Huntsville Alabama. The unit includes two Cummins 355 Horsepower Diesel Engines (for redundancy) and is utilized to pump water throughout the entire building’s overhead… Read More