The Arizona Business Innovation Awards are a way to honor organizations or individuals leading their industries and operating beyond the limits of how business is done. And, RJ Russo is proud to announce that our company is the recipient of one of these awards for 2020! We continue to lead the specialty contracting industry with our revolutionary factory-built modular buildings constructed of steel.

While innovation comes in many forms, here at RJ Russo we continue to drive success and attract leaders in Arizona’s manufacturing realm. Our efforts focus on cutting-edge business strategies, practices, and end products in the manufacturing world. This Arizona Business Award is more than just a pretty prize for our entire team. It’s the recognition of our UL listed, factory-built steel manufacturing – the first in the state of Arizona.

In-House Manufacturing & Consulting

Our approach to manufacturing factory-built buildings is to stay ahead of industry best practices and technology developments. How? By implementing the following business practices and innovations:

Quality & Speed – Because our factory-built structures are erected onsite, weather delays are eradicated. By speeding up the process through full-time trained and certified contractors, consumers experience less required time and increased value.

Longevity & Flexible Functionality – Steel modular designs are a groundbreaking product from the RJ Russo team. Our clients come from an array of industries and have a wide selection of needs, like custom kitchens, drive-thru establishments, housing developments. Our structures are a long-lasting investment for them.

Client-Centered Customization – As an industry leader in specialty contracting, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, advanced products to help raise the bar and provide unsurpassed satisfaction every step of the way.

Green Business Practices

We use steel and other sustainable products for factory-built buildings and modular components, making ourselves a leader in the environmentally-conscious world of specialty contracting. The materials used by our entire team make us a zero-landfill manufacturing company, while green metals can be recycled and used again and again. These practices contribute to an eco-friendlier world.

Thank you to the Arizona Business Innovation Awards for recognizing the hard work we’ve put into specialty manufacturing for years. Revolutionizing the industry’s practices through high-quality, sustainable materials that benefit both the customer and the environment remains a pillar of our core values, and the addition of this award proves what is possible in the manufacturing industry.