The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) was founded in 1921 to better serve the interests of the structural steel design industry. The organization leads the way in the steel fabrication and erection industry with research, development, and education and better serves the construction industry as a whole. For nearly 100 years, AISC has been an advocate and resource for the American structural steel industry. Breakthrough research and technology have helped fabricators, architects, and engineers deliver the highest quality products to clients.

However, the process of gaining AISC certification is rigorous. It takes time, effort, and expenses to qualify and maintain certification. Many companies choose to skip getting certified entirely. But, RJ Russo is a proud member of AISC and has invested in seeking AISC Certification. We’re actively in the process of obtaining certification towards both Building Fabricator and Structural Steel Erector.

Why is this so important? Because an AISC certification ensures the highest quality materials, the best safety procedures, and the most accountability on a project.

Higher Quality

An AISC certification shows our dedication to quality and helps highlight that RJ Russo has the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce quality work. With an AISC certification, we’re held to a higher standard to comply with codes and practices.

Better Safety

Reduced worksite accidents and other product failures are a result of higher quality control training requirements through AISC. These enhanced procedures stress that safety helps produce higher quality products, meeting or exceeding industry requirements.

More Accountability

An AISC certified fabricator and erector is subject to audits and physical inspections that other companies are not. This ensures working with RJ Russo isn’t only lip-service: we back up our work through third-party oversight to give you exactly what you want.

An AISC certification promotes and ensures precision, training, and accountability that support the quality, safety, and accountability of your project. The stringent guidelines through AISC set the standard, which allows us to deliver high-quality projects for our clients. RJ Russo looks to maintain both an innovative and competitive company in the construction industry.

AISC: Smarter. Stronger. Steel.