We have extensive experience in temporary facilities with factory-built structures which are approved by the Department of Housing (M-9A license/classification) and are fully permitted.

Our buildings are constructed according to the highest standards of each state’s building code. We can use your specific plans or our in-house program, which allows us to custom design mobile or permanent structures: whether that be in the kitchen, fast food, drive through, housing, medical, office, equipment shelter, event(s), or the security industry.

We believe that this will be the new push for establishments that require a minimal building envelope, withstanding harsh environments, require limited site impact, and meet sustainability as well as Green Building standards. We have zero weather delays in construction, since every one of our client’s buildings are erected in our large facility. We do not have labor, contractor, or skilled trade issues, as all our personnel at RJ Russo are completely trained and certified.

Our clients save money and time on obtaining the requisite municipal regulatory permits as their duties are reduced to preparing the site pad and having utilities stubbed to the building. RJ Russo can guarantee delivery date and most buildings are completed in a little less than 6 weeks. We’re also able to provide cosmetic packages that will meet zoning requirements- complete with awnings and parapets. We can customize the materials on the outside to meet aesthetic looks and be suitable for all climate needs. Units can be ordered with or without floors in order to align to a more traditional on-grade application.

Factory-built buildings are faster to construct, require less tools for assembly, produce substantially less waste in building materials, have superior moisture-managed assemblies and superior quality fit, finish and trim. Green Build has a direct impact on environment, occupancy, renovation, re-purposing and demolition. Though no one wants to contemplate their business failing or drops in revenue leading to closure; our buildings can be picked up, moved, and seamlessly installed at a new location, reducing down-time and preventing a non-recoverable loss of investment.

Our buildings can also provide tax advantages because they can be classified as equipment, you can depreciate the building and furnishings, fixtures and equipment over 7 years versus the current 39 year depreciation schedule for leasehold improvements. We suggest you consult your financial advisors for the latest IRS guidelines.

We invite you and your associates to visit us. We’ll give you a tour of our facilities, demonstrate the quality materials used in all our buildings and discuss your needs. We’ll even review your plans at no charge.

We specialize in Kitchen, Medical, Security, Equipment Shelter, Experimental and Exploration, Event, Office and Bunk Housing Buildings.

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