Faster to market over conventional construction.

Checkers & Rally's Factory Built Modular Building by Russo Modular

Russo Modular Advantage

  • We process QSR permitting and licensing to manufacture at the state level which accelerates the construction cycle.
  • Site prep and manufacturing happen at the same time which cuts down on construction days.
  • Our factory controlled environment has no weather delays since our structures are all built at our facility.
  • Faster speed to occupancy allows you to capture more revenue and serve customers much sooner.

Factory Built Modular Building by Russo Modular


While the QSR industry is our specialty, we believe modular manufacturing is the way of the future. We can adapt to fit any program, any industry.

Yes, we are fully approved in 10 states and counting, just let us know right away so we can start the process and build in time for it.