As demand continues to skyrocket in the Fast-Food Drive-Thrus channel, the RJ Russo team has been busy on the road.

Last week, our latest drive-thru modular went to Roy, UT.  The crew delivered a 2,200 sq. ft. modular building for a commercial developer, and installation was finished in just 6 days from on-site arrival. Our factory built drive-thru designs are totally customizable, and RJ Russo is implementing new techniques everyday to accommodate QSR’s who want to start building modular, remodel, or relocate without constructing a whole new traditional restaurant.

What’s New with Fast-Food Drive-Thrus?

The quick-service restaurant industry is witnessing another revolutionary trend as employee wages increase and consumers utilize drive-thru and pickup options. A speedy drive-thru can be a competitive advantage, and operators are taking notice. As such, quick-service restaurants are swift to implement more profitable systems, including tech innovations, modular builds, or relocating business operations from expensive coastal markets with high rents and wages, unemployment benefits, and lack of willing workers.

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