Why Choose Modular? RJ Russo Breaks Down 3 Reasons

Professionals know that construction can be a lengthy, time-consuming, and costly experience. Delays are common, materials harder to source, inadequate planning can derail an entire project, and limited skilled trade availability can hinder on-time completions. Plus, some projects simply need to be built faster than what’s typically possible for traditional construction. Fortunately for you (and… Read More

What Industries Does Factory-Built Construction Work? RJ Russo Breaks it Down

Modular construction is gaining popularity – and quickly! A manufactured building from RJ Russo meets our client’s specific needs, with cost-effective design, development, and project management services to go along with it. The modular building process is less expensive and faster than traditional construction methods, with project averages coming in at only six weeks to complete. The… Read More

Developers Competing to Open Drive-Thrus  in Phoenix

Earlier this month, the Phoenix Business Journal released an article titled, “Developers Competing to Open Drive-Thrus in the Valley.” In it, Travis Fidel, the co-founder and managing partner of Scottsdale-based Radar Capital Partners, broke down insights into fast-food developments in the Phoenix metro area. The demand is for operations with quality food that have drive-thrus… Read More

The RJ Russo Difference

RJ Russo is leading the specialty contracting industry with innovative factory-built buildings. These revolutionary modular structures, constructed of steel, operate beyond the limits of how business is done. And, while innovation comes in many forms, RJ Russo continues to drive success in Arizona’s manufacturing realm. Our approach? Stay ahead of industry best practices and technological… Read More