Your Next Building Will Be Manufactured

This article was originally published in June 2018 on the RJ Russo blog. At RJ Russo we are committed to providing cost-effective manufactured building solutions from concept to delivery for our customer’s needs. Imagine a 57-story tower built in just 19 days. That’s what China’s Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) company did in 2015. Constructed at… Read More

Developers Competing to Open Drive-Thrus  in Phoenix

Earlier this month, the Phoenix Business Journal released an article titled, “Developers Competing to Open Drive-Thrus in the Valley.” In it, Travis Fidel, the co-founder and managing partner of Scottsdale-based Radar Capital Partners, broke down insights into fast-food developments in the Phoenix metro area. The demand is for operations with quality food that have drive-thrus… Read More

The RJ Russo Difference

RJ Russo is leading the specialty contracting industry with innovative factory-built buildings. These revolutionary modular structures, constructed of steel, operate beyond the limits of how business is done. And, while innovation comes in many forms, RJ Russo continues to drive success in Arizona’s manufacturing realm. Our approach? Stay ahead of industry best practices and technological… Read More

Why Is AISC Certification Important?

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) was founded in 1921 to better serve the interests of the structural steel design industry. The organization leads the way in the steel fabrication and erection industry with research, development, and education and better serves the construction industry as a whole. For nearly 100 years, AISC has been… Read More

Adopting Futuristic Drive-Thru Operations in a COVID-19 World

In July, QSR Magazine posed the question, “What long-term effect will COVID-19 have on restaurant operations and design?” The article, Smaller Footprints, More Drive Thru: Restaurant Design in a COVID World, laid out that rethinking drive-thru order operations has become a necessity in the time of COVID-19. One way restaurants have rapidly changed in 2020… Read More

RJ Russo’s Factory-Built Buildings Take the West Coast by Storm

In October, the team at RJ Russo delivered our very first Dutch Bros. Coffee factory-built unit to Gresham, Oregon. Our partnership with the popular West Coast drive-thru coffee chain includes manufacturing and delivering factory-built modular buildings through the rest of 2019 and into 2020.   Groundbreaking Factory-Built Coffee Shops Our unmatched quality and speed in… Read More