Professionals know that construction can be a lengthy, time-consuming, and costly experience. Delays are common, materials harder to source, inadequate planning can derail an entire project, and limited skilled trade availability can hinder on-time completions. Plus, some projects simply need to be built faster than what’s typically possible for traditional construction.

Fortunately for you (and the entire building industry), modular construction exists as a solution to these never-ending issues most typically seen in the traditional construction industry. And, there are a host of reasons why manufacturers are choosing modular over the traditional route. RJ Russo is breaking down why you should choose modular when considering your next project:

Cost-Effective, Time-Sensitive Results 

An RJ Russo modular building is constructed in-house at our 20,000 sq. ft. facility headquarters. Because of this “assembly line” process, each phase of the fabrication development is transparent for quality control inspection, as well as engineering, code, and design compliance verification. The best results come from thoughtful planning ad execution paired with skillful manufacturing techniques and excellence in quality assurance. Here at RJ Russo, we’ve mastered and refined the procedures necessary to yield the best results, which pass valuable time and cost savings onto you.

Eliminated Schedule Delays 

Because modular construction is done indoors at our weather-controlled facility, weather delays are nearly eliminated from the construction process. On top of that, site preparation is performed separately from the building structure fabrication. What does this mean for you? Your structure can be built at our facility even while there is an unworkable site condition. From improved productivity to increased schedule certainty, your final result will have improved cost predictability due to eliminated delays thanks to a controlled work environment.

Sustainable Options 

One of the most unique aspects of modular construction is that it can be relocated and refurbished for new use. Land leases and location changes are no issue for the RJ Russo team. We build structures that can be disassembled and moved, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing costs and overall energy expended to meet your potential new needs. Plus, we use steel and other sustainable products for factory-built buildings and modular components, making us a leader in the environmentally conscious world of specialty contracting.

Choose RJ Russo for Your Modular Needs 

Manufacturers all over the U.S. are taking advantage of the modular craze taking the industry by storm. Efficiency, speed, and consistency are key in this industry, and the modular building process allows RJ Russo to hit all of these valuable needs for our clients. Are you ready to experience unmatched solutions for your next project? Consider how a modular building can benefit you and your company. Contact the RJ Russo team today for more information!