Modular construction is gaining popularity – and quickly! A manufactured building from RJ Russo meets our client’s specific needs, with cost-effective design, development, and project management services to go along with it. The modular building process is less expensive and faster than traditional construction methods, with project averages coming in at only six weeks to complete. The RJ Russo Difference, though, comes from how much we’re able to build off-site. Most of the building construction happens at our 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which results in reduced site disruptions, fast project completion, and quick client occupancy.

Our Facility 

Since 2007, RJ Russo has been constructing high-quality factory-built buildings in our facility headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. Our facility is a fully-integrated manufacturing space with well-maintained, up-to-date equipment managed by a dedicated in-house staff of skilled professionals. Because of our unique on-site building process, weather delays are eradicated and the process as a whole is sped up thanks to full0tie trained and certified contractors. Customized, flexible functionality alongside quality and speed are the ways our team stays ahead of the industry.

Industry Types 

Gone are the days of generic modular buildings. Now, so many industries can benefit from the quality, speed, longevity, and customization of a factory-built building including:

Restaurants: Whether your restaurant is turning to drive-thru-only operations or you’re still looking for dine-in options, modular construction by RJ Russo includes kitchens, drive-thru areas, pick-up options, and more.

Housing: From residential properties to multi-family homes like duplexes or apartment complexes, factory-built is quick, efficient, and customizable.

Commercial: This can include office buildings as well as medical and healthcare industry buildings, like dentist offices and more.

Education: Portable classrooms, multi-family housing like dormitories, classroom complexes, cafeterias, libraries, and so much more are possible through modular construction.

Government: Whether a county needs prison or jail construction, police stations, and more, RJ Russo has experience with quick and efficient modular options for government properties.

The limits are nearly endless. Modular construction is the way of the future and can be adapted and customized to fit infinite industries. Even more industries include Medical, Equipment Shelter, Events, Security, and Industrial. Are you interested in a modular building from the RJ Russo team? Contact us today to learn more about our customization, on-site construction, and more today.